Monday, July 20, 2009

I know it's been too long...

Well, wuts goin' on? Kids are growin' like weeds, while me and Kari are gettin' ready to celebrate 12 yrs of marriage. Wow. Here's some pics from the last 8 months... enjoy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's been too long...

So where have I been? What's been goin' on? LIFE LIFE LIFE!!!... we are amidst in birthdays... Kamiko's just happened yesterday, Kari's was the 3rd, Kulani's is later this month on the 21st, my mom's is the 15th, my sister in law is the 21st as well, my cousin Isaac is on the 31st... geez... OOOOOH and we just had an addition to our family my nephew/cousin Thomas Sprouffske... soo ANUTHA bday.

But Life... well, basketball is the soup de joure... Kamiko and Kulani are knee deep in it. Kamiko is part of a Lacey basketball league, that is pretty competitive more so than YMCA, and he's part of a Hawks of Tomorrow for River Ridge HS. Kulani is part of a Tumwater league, as well as a Tacoma AAU league, it's funny cuz the kids he plays with are all caucasion and he's the token ethnic kid... lol... eh.

I miss football, coaching anyways. But... I don't know... just bummed it's over, can't wait til next year... NFL isn't enough...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Playoffs are upon us...

So for anyone who is following this blog, as well, as following my kids football, the playoffs are upon us. My son Kamiko granted is not playing for a championship, they are just trying to salvage what has been a very trying year.

Now Kulani's team, well that's another story. These kids when I first coached them back 6 yrs ago., I had to take a knee to get down to their level, now they're 6 ft. tall, and I have to look up to see them eye to eye. How do you handle this? How do you handle, these kids... men, they were once young children, now they are young men... built in the image that you try to instill in them... Giving direction... discipline... accountability... passion... I love these kids, men, I hope that when Kamiko's teammates get to this age I feel the same for them.

Good luck 8th graders, good luck in life... and good luck in the playoffs! Go HAWX!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Regular Season done and over with... finally...

Well, the final whistle of Kulani's 8th grade youth football regular season blew. He did awesome... Kamiko's game was somethin' else as well... great job boys. They both ended up winning... whew!

Another sleepless Friday

Well, hmm... it's midnight on Friday. Me... Kari, and Kulani, are sittin' up watchin'... HEY, I know wut you did last summer... Why are we up? Me, I can't stop thinkin' about football... I can't wait to hopefully chalk up our first win for Kamiko's team, I can't wait to see the fire that is lit under Kamiko's ass since he's not gonna be a starter. We're hopin' that maybe because he's not startin', the chances he does get on offense and defense, he's just the 'monsta' that we know he can be. But again, we can't want it more than him... and he's just 9 yrs. old! Built like an 11 yr old, and strong as one too! Kulani gets to start as QB, so we can't wait to see him play. God I Love football, thank you God for this blessed game.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Football Overload????

Well, Kamiko's game was awesome, sometimes I gotta remember he's only 9. If you've ever him though he's as strong as a 11 yr. old, and built like one too! As far as our team though, had some disheartening things happen. Just found out our qb broke his elbow is out... our team is 0-4 for the year so far. Trials and Tribulations... Just gotta remember that I've been sayin' to these kids that win's and losses are not determined by the score... nor are champions determined by their trophies... it's about how YOU feel you did... did you win your battles or lose... and a champion, they get knocked down, beat up, destroyed, but they always get back up and continue to fight! That is the definition of our team so far this year!

As far as Kulani's game it was awesome... he played against alot of kids he goes to school with. So him and onea his good friends had to put up with a bunch of smack talkin'! They didn't let that phase them tho' they let their actions on the field judge the outcome, not their words. Here's a few pics...

2nd Half kickoff we were down 0-8, Kulani picks up the ball and runs it back for a 70 yd return TD!
Kulani and his buddy #22 nicknamed BEAST, his responsibility the whole game, knockin' down a almost sure catch and TD.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Why can't I sleep... dammit it's almost 1230, I DID go to bed... I DID try to sleep... and it fuckin' didn't work. All I've been thinkin' about is little league football. How's my team gonna play, are the right plays gonna be called, is Kamiko gonna live up to his nickname; Monsta! Is Kulani's team gonna beat the everlivin' snot outta the Bears... Is Kulani's head really okay? ARGH!!! I'm gonna play some xbox... gnight... hopefully, talk to ya tomor... I mean later today!